Skin Care

The right skin care products can help you look and feel great, but it's important to choose ones that are appropriate for your skin type and needs. To find the best skin care products, take a moment to assess your skin and consider what treatments it could benefit from.

Normal skin doesn't exhibit excess oil, dryness or tightness and requires minimal care. If you have normal skin, you can keep it healthy by using a gentle facial cleanser and adding a light moisturizer on occasion.

Oily skin is characterized by excess oil, often concentrated around the nose, forehead and cheeks, and is often accompanied by acne. Choose cleansers designed to minimize oil and use acne treatments when needed. It's especially important to use sunscreen if you use acne products.

dry skin tends to flake and tighten. If your skin is dry, use moisturizers liberally and consider exfoliants.

Combination skin features patches of dry skin and patches of oily skin. This requires a dual approach, incorporating both oily and dry skin products.

Aging skin may have fine lines and wrinkles as well as drooping or dark spots. Look for anti-aging products geared toward firming and toning the skin and reducing lines, wrinkles and discoloration, and make sure to use sunscreen.