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Office Supplies

Having the right office supplies on hand can help you stay productive and focused on getting business done. Although every office has different needs, there are certain essential items that are useful in most office settings.

Basic office items include staplers, paper clips, file fasteners and rubber bands. Nearly all offices also need writing supplies, including pens, pencils, permanent markers and often dry erase markers.

It's also important to make sure to always have a full stock of paper. For everyday printing, standard 20-pound paper is a good choice. Multipurpose paper is a flexible option, good for fax machines and copiers as well as printers. Depending on your needs, you may also need photo paper or specialty paper. Notebooks can be useful for many purposes, including note taking and record keeping.

For organizing papers, a good filing system is a must. A file cabinet with hanging file folders can keep many documents in order, and slotted desk organizers are good for keeping track of papers that are in use.