$4 Prescriptions
Choose from hundreds of generic drugs
and over–the–counter medications.
$4 for 30–day supply. $10 for a 90–day supply.
Take advantage of the savings and convenience you expect from Walmart Pharmacy with $4 prescriptions and Free Home Delivery options.
Download a Complete List of $4 Prescriptions
View and print a PDF of all eligible $4 prescription medications and keep for your reference.
What’s Next?
If your prescription is not on the list‚ call your prescriber and see if a generic alternative is right for you.
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$4 Prescriptions

Our $4 Prescription program lets you choose from hundreds of generic drugs and over-the-counter medications at fantastic savings. $4 Prescriptions means you pay only $4 for a 30-day supply! You also may qualify for our 90-Day Prescription Program - just $10 for a full 90-day supply - which means you'll save time and gas money, too.

We think everyone should have access to affordable Walmart prescriptions, so we started our $4 Prescription program to help keep you and your budget healthy. And of course, you'll still get the top-level service you expect from our professional pharmacists, as well as excellent conveniences like automatic refills and more.

Search $4 Prescriptions above or download a complete list of medications eligible in the U.S. and Puerto Rico to see if your particular medications and dosages are available in the $4 Prescription Program or the $10 for 90-Day Prescription program.

So take advantage of the $4 Prescription Program and the $10 90-Day Prescription Program at Walmart to save money and live better. Please be sure to see the program details and restrictions above.