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Outdoor Power Equipment

Whether it's clearing snow, mowing the lawn or cleaning the patio, maintaining your home is hard work. But good power equipment can help you get the job done right and make life a lot easier.

For clearing snow, the best equipment depends on the type and amount of snowfall you get. For light snow, a power shovel is adequate. Electric snow blowers are good for areas with low to medium average snowfall, and gas snow blowers are best for heavy snow removal.

When shopping for a lawnmower, consider the size and terrain of your lawn. Manual push lawnmowers, or reel mowers, are good choices for small, flat lawns under a quarter of an acre in size. For a larger lawn or one with a hilly terrain, you're better off with a walk-behind gas or electric lawnmower, which will let you maneuver around obstacles and over hills. Electric models are quieter and more eco-friendly than gas models, though some require an extension cord. Riding mowers are practical for relatively flat lawns larger than half an acre.

Gas-powered pressure washers are ideal for outdoor use, since they don't involve an extension cord. Light-duty pressure washers are appropriate for jobs like cleaning a patio deck, but you'll need a heavy-duty pressure washer — around 2,500 PSI — for stripping paint.

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