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Nursery Furniture

As you plan for your new arrival, you might have a lot of thoughts about how to decorate the nursery. However, most new babies only really need a few essentials: a comfortable, safe place to sleep, a secure, convenient spot for diaper changes, some space for storage and a comfortable place for you to sit while you rock or feed your child. Once the essentials are covered, you can focus on fun embellishments.

Many parents prefer to put their newborn to sleep in a bassinet, which is often placed next to the parents' bed rather than in the nursery. Later, your baby will probably progress to a crib. You may want to consider a convertible crib, which can convert into a toddler bed and in some cases even a twin-size bed as your child gets older.

You'll also need to choose a changing table. An open-shelf changing table has open spaces below the changing tray for placing diapers, wipes and other baby products. A space-saving alternative is a baby dresser with a changing tray on top. Or you may prefer a hybrid, which includes both drawers and an open shelf.

You'll also want to look for a nursery chair, such as a glider rocker, which will rock and glide soothingly as you sit in it with your baby. Make sure to choose a chair that fits the space you have and matches the room.

Whatever baby furniture you choose, you'll find it for less at Walmart.