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It's not difficult to transform your bathroom into an elegant, functional space. Just keep in mind who uses the bathroom and pay attention to coordination while maintaining your personal sense of style.

Before installing or replacing a bathroom fixture such as a faucet or drain for the sink, a showerhead, a tub faucet, a toilet handle or a toilet seat, pay attention to the plumbing location, the dimensions of the previous fixture and the size of the space. When considering showerheads, pay attention to size, output pressure, spray pattern and finish, and consider a rain showerhead or a dual model with multiple heads for a luxurious experience. Make sure the fixtures you choose are coordinated with the bathroom's hardware, sink, toilet and flooring in style and color. Whether to choose a matte or polished finish is a matter of taste, although a matte finish may be easier to keep looking spot-free.

Bathroom lighting is extremely important because of the detail-oriented tasks that are done in the bathroom, such as makeup application and shaving. Put task lights and spotlights where you need them most, and consider mood lighting to create a personalized decorative ambiance that highlights specific areas of the room.

Tie your look together with a shower curtain that speaks to you and coordinated window curtains, and a bath mat. When choosing these items, think about getting ones that complement the paint and tiles in the room as well as expressing your personal taste.