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Meal Solutions, Grains and Pasta

If you lead a busy life, getting a good dinner on the table can seem like a challenge. But with meal solutions, grains and pasta from Walmart, it's easy to put together delicious, fuss-free meals for any day of the week.

For dinner in a hurry, there's nothing easier than a boxed meal. And at Walmart, you'll find a wide variety of boxed and ready-to-eat entrees, including classic favorites like mac and cheese as well as organic, gluten-free and vegan options. We also carry many types of chili, for a quick, hearty meal that's sure to satisfy.

Pasta can also form the base for an easy, satisfying meal, whether you use prepared pasta sauce or make your own. For a simple dinner, cook up a pot of your favorite pasta and serve it with spaghetti sauce and canned tuna.

Dried beans, rice and grains can also help you throw together satisfying entrees and side dishes. At Walmart, you'll find everything from instant rice and rice mixes to exotic grains and legumes.