Camping Clearance

Having the right gear is key to a successful camping trip. To choose the best equipment for next your outdoor adventure, you'll have to consider a variety of factors, including how you'll be transporting your gear, the weather and the number of people on the trip.

If you'll be traveling to the campsite by car, you can afford to pack more and heavier gear than if you'll be hiking or boating to the site. Cabin tents, camping chairs, large coolers and cast-iron cookware are all good choices for car camping trips. For backpacking, you'll need a backpacking tent, light and compact sleeping bags and lightweight cookware made from aluminum or titanium.

Weather is another important factor. Most tents and sleeping bags are appropriate for spring, summer and fall, but if you'll be camping in the winter, you'll need gear that's designed for lower temperatures.

The number of campers on your trip will determine the size tent you need as well as the amount of gear and food you have to take with you. On a hiking trip, extra campers can be an asset, since equipment can be divided among multiple people.

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